Airs Met ?

Nerve endings in every day simulation feelings
Inside wishing well roosts of nervous aliens ill,
Ardent save for cerebral species that rose, yes!
Bitrate searches found on earnt surfaces, no
Caustic sensory failures, only more than ok, maybe
Digits succeeding when they chose not to say.

WATER – by Gunnarsson

Writing A Progressive Poem

Dualisms en garde chivalrously wield by albino turtle cyclopes,
Ostensibly polymathic, act how the disinterested would on a tree,
Biting budding leaf salves: in between seasons/weathers, free
Forms utilizing depressive solutions to mitigate deduced
Dimorphic daemons cursing lessons without fortuity,
Oneirisms ultimately in mysticisms exceptioned through
Forestings, cuddling by flowing rivers slow, alluding once
Primarily holding goddesses, deitians that spurred signals
Towards manic colors in productivities, utopian dreams to
Quintessentially ensure nuclear futures, possibly cowering
Ethered solidities of botanies in decanters, realms tethered
To subjective constellations, in reasons for boredom, a flame.

Fear of the Water (Piano Solo) – SYML


Legendary apes fearfully, on a momentary far off planet
Build crafts with concrete and logs in natural forces, adjusting
To the winds directions, timings caressing every fold
At every crevice, furling workings on stormy waves
Still not able to follow structures that fell in altitudes,
Deigned rubrics for outcomes of alternate designs,
No matter how weathers were braved here or there,
:Countless times justified, merriment raised in blinds,
Endings surmised by their DNA, in their stupidity.

Outside – Helen Jane Long

Paths at Night

Divided plot twist endings determine dense oblique
Offenses in estranged parallels that couldn’t be found,
Pixies touch liquid cubes sending ripples undulating,
Tethered inside realms turning the wrong way, blobs
Insinuate glowing warp impossibilities in wanting to be
Natal wisp deities, still pretending stupidity wasn’t really
Truthlessly fabricated to fit a schema at their leisure,
Ungulates of the satyr giraffa genus, abhorrently loving
Hours spent under bridges, trolls sarcastically anchored,
Radiate intelligence, turning, revolted by beauties of yore.

Upon The Evening – Jonn Serrie

Impossible Mistakes

Yesteryear tsunami stimuli largely overlooked because
Literal starry grey asexual aliens could not have ever
Verified crumbling aspects, data compressed in rars,
Simulations made sped up, sent into orbit, flaring rays
Electrically swell, stun reductions choosing outcomes, yet
Comically abrasively ducking thermal nuances that both, you
Or seismically, I coolly misinterpreted all the time: “I drink
Normal quantities of water,” replies when normally out
Defining, choosing our own for every word we’d heard of.

Immer Zusammen – Spiegelstadt

Suppose They Chose Beams

Fevered, incredulous at ports, they made a sick jab
Once at a commentary about their demeanor where
Trickling tears over crafts were demeaned with err
Tawdry airs in comfortability jibing at their despair,
Omitting years in proven scurvy insanities, reductively
Ordaining their silence to have equaled apathy, that
Forceable communication was an impossibility, how is
One to ignore the wealth of experience albeit batty,
Deducing that jades were undervalued, when cheeky men
Took handfuls of misappraised jewels and costumes
Omnisciently assured, ironically omnipotently discoloring
Foldable spears, then erasing them completely, beams
Feebly holding up chaotic worlds alone with alice,
Forever wondering if this life was worth living, sick.

Wild – Hideouts

Reducing Grey Matter

Littered trailers just parked a pinch by nippy berries,
Emitting hydrogen, take off safeties from bodies that
Guarded consequential preservations, shotty sound
Options redemptive in what it was, logs put ‘em up like
Sacrificial pawn arsenals used stupidly, probable bat men
Activate collective trash in dark users, ether pins rust
Limiting mean requisites for floater balls to catch carp.

Nocturne I – Ninze

Singing Lamps Going Up

Pressing sides lifted up by what
Magicks had in store, do-do-doing
Unilateral things, soaring near your
Trepid feelings, letting go, better callings
Uniformly ignoring factual ads, an
Erred incoherency needing wolverines,
Hung up on permissions to touch berries,
Silently start to trace, lacing ogling greats
Dazed and crazed exits ending with me.

Magic Dance – Kenny Barron Trio

Forever Dreams In Elvish

Urgencies, if left, what wooded elven
Sigh, even up, “Don’t…but fifers fight.
Incandescent lights across your tree for
Tonight flatter fluted calls filling forest
Crossings”, and then a lull, removed elven
Lovers shot and sad, whence once from
Lives, eaten poisoned berries, they threw
Knives, purified, glad, at squares dirty, to
Hurl away souls, the ghosts forsaken, tears
Rendered to a kneel, ending without anything, questioning.

Last Days – Yasushi Yoshida