Puzzle pieces containing moving images integrate
Themselves into incomplete formations
Alternate, replacing identical slots
In sentient robotic assembly lines,
Spinning rotaries whir, then click;
Removing, dissecting, splitting
Crows kaw, vultures circling
Above striped tents, propped up
Hosting masquerades, operas
Creep in the questionable
Witch hunts vigilant operates
In synchronicity of staking one
Standing in darknesses rising,
Spotlights shine on magnificent
Perfections ridiculed by envious morons
Reflecting a deck of hearts handed
To the abandoned, the penniless,
The uneducated, studying
Those incapable, still hatreds
Manifested in forgiveness
Scant repose in hypocrisies
Remedial remedies to soothe
Soothsayers running their jests in
Mistified texts, stored in megabits
Malfunctioning only when wake,
Ignoring or forgetting evolutionary
Reasons for hellish pre-existences
In what could be seen.

Worakls – Nikki



Traveling in orbits, the burning circuits —
Electric, amble and dance their static
Fires inside a statistic of chasms and
Reindeers that would all prance o’er
Brambles, daggers, and prickly cactus,
A chance at another tale in a forever after
Writ in destiny’s choices in another always
And another never, countless weeds would laugh
When melted mediums staggered most unabashed,
Torn, cut gashes, disheveled in their satin skins
Gushing about in notes left in rudimentary drafts,
Taking down drafts, the mindless and the daft
In their worship, repetitively banging on doors
Like battering rams, hovering simultaneously
As though magnetic, attracting handedly
Handling tangled ropes near the aft, not far
From getaway rafts too close to gateway galaxies
In the Milky Way that would emerge and converge
At the eve of another chaotic dimension alternative
To this one where ships sailed out in the open to an
Unnamed planet not dissimilar to the last one, repairing
Where zero was greater than two, and two was greater than one.

MEGURI – world’s end girlfriend

Happy Time Skips

Primordial wonders memory;
Meteoric debris’ sole historia
Stolen stolid solid souls
Lost in a memorabilia

Wooden entrances, entranced
By carvings scrolling ingrained
In grains softly flowing like
Running streams through rikes

Candles, a flame, swaying
Always gently flickering;
Failing aortic chambers
Flailing chords in amber

Prehistoric they read
Sequences in dna
Connectivity, strands
Radical, gandered at

The neverending infinity
That neither was nor
Wasn’t, collectibles
Displayed for this play

On worded synergy
Devoid of meaning
Or purposeless in searching
Or reaching out in touchless healing

Uncounted acts of kindnesses
Brushed under rugs
For the sake of dissonance
In what mortals called chaoses

Universes rotating, spiraling
Adrift, bereft
In despair
At all that was left

They count
On hallowed eves.


Kneeling in more rudimentary forms, their racing
Heightened senses determine biases in a then,
Determined in fact filled guidance, coughing, pray for
Meticulously remitted opinions in the gorges’
Divide, weathering environments shaping elegant
Curvatures like maiden forms in contextual idealisms the
Media interprets, assuming the rest of humanity couldn’t decide.

Full Moon – Koala Karious

Post – Some Grand Purpose

So it was with but sombre
Mendacity that the universe
Seemed to speak to our
Duality in escapist escapades

Hubrises in your great
Achievements lifted up
As offerings, only befitting
Deities of the highest caste

How quickly did we err
On relying on collections
Of forget-me-not fleurs
Whenever I’d try to remember

The reasons for staying here,
Stored memoirs in trash bins
In negligence when we’d felt
Our responsibilities at the brim.

When was it, or who was it
That started determining
The consequences of actions
In unaltered schema freights.

It was without much stress, I confess,
Resigned in purgatory, that you’d say,
Was to conjure up some mitigated story
Of why I’m sorry for our histories on replay.

I’ll forever remember those words
You said to me, “Did you know, that
Water has memory?”, the smile upon
Your radiant face, on that soul altering day.

You’ll always have that affinity for numbers
I just pray you may find completeness
In the warm embrace of the love I swore
You sought in me, but now I see

That was just a meaningless pipe dream,
Another reality where I dared to hope
That someone could love me enough
To tell me that it wasn’t all just.

Got to Have – Flight Facilities Remix – James Curd

Their Sentences

Dot dot dot
The raindrops just
Drip unto leaflet membranes
Down to the leafy eves of leaves,
Gravity taking its course
Knowing even lamb ears would
Oft flick off waters,
Fibers soaking up, hatreds
In its manifesto manifested,
As thankful lovers would say,
“I really truly hate you
More and more each day.”
In some distant place
Beholding smoldering gazes,
Winds spiral and graze,
When they’d cursed their fate
Of grievances that existed
In passion fueled states.

Carry On – Frameworks

Airs Met ?

Nerve endings in every day simulation feelings
Inside wishing well roosts of nervous aliens ill,
Ardent save for cerebral species that rose, yes!
Bitrate searches found on earnt surfaces, no
Caustic sensory failures, only more than ok, maybe
Digits succeeding when they chose not to say.

WATER – by Gunnarsson

Writing A Progressive Poem

Dualisms en garde chivalrously wield by albino turtle cyclopes,
Ostensibly polymathic, act how the disinterested would on a tree,
Biting budding leaf salves: in between seasons/weathers, free
Forms utilizing depressive solutions to mitigate deduced
Dimorphic daemons cursing lessons without fortuity,
Oneirisms ultimately in mysticisms exceptioned through
Forestings, cuddling by flowing rivers slow, alluding once
Primarily holding goddesses, deitians that spurred signals
Towards manic colors in productivities, utopian dreams to
Quintessentially ensure nuclear futures, possibly cowering
Ethered solidities of botanies in decanters, realms tethered
To subjective constellations, in reasons for boredom, a flame.

Fear of the Water (Piano Solo) – SYML


Legendary apes fearfully, on a momentary far off planet
Build crafts with concrete and logs in natural forces, adjusting
To the winds directions, timings caressing every fold
At every crevice, furling workings on stormy waves
Still not able to follow structures that fell in altitudes,
Deigned rubrics for outcomes of alternate designs,
No matter how weathers were braved here or there,
:Countless times justified, merriment raised in blinds,
Endings surmised by their DNA, in their stupidity.

Outside – Helen Jane Long