As They Flew Above

Partial figures dressed up, with messy knotted
Embellishments dotted along shimmering fabrics
Similarly at the trims, excluding sections at the neckline, writhe
Timidly, without a real sense of self control, entertaining
Oddities that then fastened, asymmetrics fusing valuables,
Globules containing dark nebulae onto their livelihood,
Texted hindrances in the emotive, epistulae forwarded
Years before significant changes were made to unbalanced scales,
Reproving worded utterances forsaking lessons within tradition
Struck them, as grey doves flew above, over yonder, while they’d choose.


What May Be

Through continents, winged beings traverse
Hanging on to handholds, weighted gravity
Propelling them on devices along zip-lines
Rather than decisively pulling on the senses,
They released analgesics in their perverse
Conquest, making the lost feel worse,
Within validations in active inactions
When handling murky globes holding lives,
Considering they could lightheartedly, severity
Creeping up in their same coldhearted jest,
When they, in their repulsion at something
That looked like sin, couldn’t deal with it, again.


Trails of lovely pink and blue vortices
Depress, compressed instantaneously,
Spring up towards acute discrepancies
Forming close synchronous helices,
Lost in arid delusions, fortuitously,
Wanted vagrancies drawn to a wonder,
Withdraw behind severed buttresses
Created by still myopic geniuses,
Studying engineered ingenuities
Surrounded serenely by these other
Glistening forms floating into the ether,
Conversing within infinitesimal vacancies.

Not So Quick

Zirconia pheasants lightly ruffle their quills, politely asking, “Porq-“
Zealously entwined in a discussion, as a silver tiger drank a serum
Fettered by phasing ferrets elucidating their place with excessive
Nomenclatures, used for describing opposing alternatives, on the rim,
Faery dragon flies sit on an even vessel with their personal motif.

Thunder imps thwart superiorities, as strapping unicorn bears threw
Undermined principles in jurisdictions; “why can’t human wraiths j-“
Functions reduced to gaveled sentences, indicative of a catatonic
Grace, nae, a humbleness, values surmounted to the subatomic,
Nullified in inefficiencies they now knew, indoubly in their win.

Lacking Abilities

Orca’s decide, setting aside a creed on hiatus with a
Knack for thwarting paid attentions, as well as seeking
Queries while fearfully laving in privy when left to
Venerate the previous series of sequences, decidedly
Typically meant real seething losses when examining a
Cryptological line, only writ in failed experiments, looking
Over, above frosted symbolisms on silvered quartz, formidably
Keying mirrored slots, disgusted by this heresy, hints
Verifying retardations in progresses, while adversaries
Coyly kept stating, “Look at me”, now they, finally able,
Forlornly broke free, taking the piss, without a stint.


Almost laughable circumstances made attempts
At determining a jargon; there was a shrouded door
Ajar, however slightly, restlessly contemptuous
At unsightly miners, towards two wards,
Meekly, they purposefully bespoke of the definitive
Or scrambled to, rather, grab a shard in an uproar,
Reprovingly renouncing those unguarded,
In the permanence of how many were never inquisitive.