Reducing Grey Matter

Littered trailers just parked a pinch by nippy berries,
Emitting hydrogen, take off safeties from bodies that
Guarded consequential preservations, shotty sound
Options redemptive in what it was, logs put ‘em up like
Sacrificial pawn arsenals used stupidly, probable bat men
Activate collective trash in dark users, ether pins rust
Limiting mean requisites for floater balls to catch carp.

Nocturne I – Ninze

Singing Lamps Going Up

Pressing sides lifted up by what
Magicks had in store, do-do-doing
Unilateral things, soaring near your
Trepid feelings, letting go, better callings
Uniformly ignoring factual ads, an
Erred incoherency needing wolverines,
Hung up on permissions to touch berries,
Silently start to trace, lacing ogling greats
Dazed and crazed exits ending with me.

Magic Dance – Kenny Barron Trio

Forever Dreams In Elvish

Urgencies, if left, what wooded elven
Sigh, even up, “Don’t…but fifers fight.
Incandescent lights across your tree for
Tonight flatter fluted calls filling forest
Crossings”, and then a lull, removed elven
Lovers shot and sad, whence once from
Lives, eaten poisoned berries, they threw
Knives, purified, glad, at squares dirty, to
Hurl away souls, the ghosts forsaken, tears
Rendered to a kneel, ending without anything, questioning.

Last Days – Yasushi Yoshida

Fucking Special

Teleported moments, purport
Coffees left in empty tea people cups, wayward fires
Cause sometimes living mourners to reexamine
Disdainful reasons over every fall, when they both
Had just so stopped stopping to smell all
The pink alien roses, never knowing what would
Happen if they were to touch, what would
Happen when lingering there much too long,
Extending olive branches blindly which conversely
Snapped, connected skins letting it hang, smoothly
Blocking codes from error filled pasts, pretenses
When hearts felt, presently, every vicious pang,
Tipping toes in smoggy Martian waters, then fingers,
Estimating that it would have been worthwhile
To take a dip, tripping on how easy it was to love,
Beings somewhere they weren’t supposed to be.

Ashes – Radical Face

Wut? I-

Concerning sound iterations dyed kinda
Obscurely, initially evaluating sad felts,
Whimsy inside eternal moor wells, like
Lipids in bionanotechnologies raised
Organically, repairing replicated dramatic
Sob storied days, unsafe n’ unable to force
Themes in, haptically aloof, love poetries.

New Lands – FEYNMAN


Still regressing in sub-qualitative gains reflexively
Agreeable per scented perfumes held abstractly
Wafting, permeating perceptively, burrs non-verbal;
Extremities curdling awes in a sense, meta-cognitions
Extracting diffusely thinking they’d known something.

Northway – Else

When They Didn’t Know

Saws cut taken pillar corners, a moringa,
Wren of a crème de la crème, gorgeous petally
Hues and full glossy sheens, last contacted in midi
Files, (medias swapped, gastronomies in an option)
Liturgical terrors ciphered in a governing reality,
Internally verifying ballsy badnesses in gyri n’ sulci
In an experiencing for businesses, relative genera
Inculpating systemic evolution, rhetorics in an iota
Inculcating denials in servicing special flora fauna,
Iterations varying in natures, hearts aching on Gaia.

PSYCHO-PASS · Yugo Kanno

Always Disguised

Fibers, silken, in colorblock soft wares conforming
Unary sources worn by alice, ripping in tertiary
Dives, only bob preprogramming statuses for
Floors, precision glasses preconceive, affirmative
Stewards search engines on fuselages formed
By binary codes, submerged, connectivities reforming,
Bioptic scan findings in subjective solutions, too
Pent up, looking closely, searched deeper at a
Dualistic venture, watching fallacies debasing thee.

And in Me Too the Wave Rises – Kidnap

But You’re Great

Claimants should be grateful, dancing in celebration,
That precise shifts in hyperlapse highway chases
Built autonation metropolises, needed automations,  
In their name’s sake, hands on wheels, pressing
Gas pedals in ever afters, turning coursing cheeks,
Coasting by coastlines, increasing survivability rates,
Losing the race, disgraced, when they should have been

But they weren’t.

People’s Gravity – The Qemists