Major Losses

“Ugh. Remind me how butterflies used to fly Dev.”
Reinforced banter takes practice in chat rooms for
Krypton fluorescences, as bellies would dance, zirconia
Zygotes took form on a forum of sought out decorum
“List them then”, they persistently said. A kind of voice, stiff,
Interlaced with hesitances responds, “They were—pft. As if.”



Interim idealisms in romanticisms
Touch showy magic dark circles slowly,
When definitions in polite perfections entered dominions,
Then were forcibly thrust to try and exalt
The greats of interest, the underdeveloped does
Kept forgetting or repressed thoughts
For the taste of melty cheese stuffed danishes,
Soft to the ease of touch,
With bits flaking off.

Their Discretion

As lambs timidly lay consciously lamenting,
Rolling and tossing from the off putting thought of lost morsels,
Musculatures spasm, seen even
Underneath encyclopedic reptilian hides
In sections of their massive lopped hind limbs
As they were not watching, they missed
Distracted, effortfully, by varied stopped projections in
Eudemonic euphemisms in euphoric parcels
Hidden inside flow states, at which point they asked themselves if
The providers were or were not aware of this.

What Would

Pixie sized snow fluffer fairies unable
To follow processes, perhaps belligerently,
Kept fuzz seed payments in their wicker basket
Cases in renewals of interim
Services where they pranced past dewy trees.

Failed provisional instructions, unceasingly
With discontinuances, were being telecommunicated,
Meeting quarter-hourly requirements unto
The moment home services would draw
Their curtains with willed refrain, metaphysically,
To sleepy frog robots who thought
Twice about the placement of their eggs fitted in space, placating,
Undeniably considering with care what would
Happen if they lost them to looters, without the much needed ease.

So They Thought: Unreal Quest

Fatalities inside shoals litter unthinkable clarities with sick aplomb
Arbitrarily, strings of bodies with buoyancies poke out in the inner area.

Ratified fated tales submerged and considered as conspiracies, hail
Magnifiences, in complementing flickering glamours. Amorously they’d sail
Through, touching on rooted matters disappearing like pixilated coins.

Reproached, backed up individuals, engulfed, unable to determine their drab
Off putting guts, suddenly needed to scratch uncomfortable out breaks of eczema,
Less impulsive ones cease in weighing the seeming, while the morose grouped duo
Lamented at unhelpful resolutions surfacing at a snails pace, resting on the unredeemed.


Before clashing, over extensive hours
They’d gather Qi
Near glowing hyalite opals,
Prone to daylight fluorescence,
Flowing life energy
Directly into definitive corporealities.

Too green to be able to decipher
Codes containing wicked confidentialities,
They crouched and pondered
The outcome of different strategies.

From far off in the distance,
They hear the beat of ungulates
Growing closer to their territory,
When they began to think and see
The imminent rise in difficulties
With maneuvering in their immediate surroundings.

So they trekked from where they were
Munching on guarana seeds,
Where one fell into a pot hole
Perchance, without correctly intending.
Practicing basic theory of mind,
They poked and prodded at the fallen,
To ensure action was still a plausibility.

They proceeded to swing across ravines,
Where one had been too hasty
When they’d thought it was their turn to,
Without having checked the vine,
When the force of gravity
Happened to take place.

When another thought to inspect it,
They had found it had a sharp cut
Not much more than halfway through.
From panic, one yelled, “Curses!”
When they couldn’t surmise
How the enemy had planned for this,
As the cord faded away.