A Goddess

Delirium grabs hold of impossibility’s cantabile
Variables that tumble in creativity’s commonalities. Ruing
Predictabilities; rephrased as: a seer that envisions, tango’s
Berating outcomes of battered up confectioned
Thoughts of the once believed innovations following
Ruptured beliefs in her humanistic form..

Because I’m pretty sure
She’s a goddess in its stead

Or something.


His Irony

“Let us observe
This shrew.”
He said sardonically.

Cues taken by the rest,
Lest the restless
Were to falter behind
Those of critical minds
Discovering behavioral patterns
That only led
To understanding.


Righteousness, divinity; she was an embodiment. She saw a kind of warmth that even
Virtuous Shinto shrine like deities would not see; bursting enviously within those loci.
Yaking humours, she knew, unparalleled, not even by the jesters of the Fairy Plum
Inui; her court of the finest attendants that traversed across these cartographic acres
By Odin’s command. Pray, tell me, but speak quickly, why does such grace, grace a
Jagged wanderer by speaking to her? …Shut up, SHUT UP, here she comes! God, I luv
Xianshi, daughter of x and y, the mighty empress or queen. O, I’d die if she even glanced..
My God–could a mere peasant like me even dare to dream
Ludicrous fantasies. Undeserving to bend these knees, with an upkeep
Verily equivalent to those of dust, while she embodies the elements, really, truly–

Eyes, her eyes, just barely grazes..

In Love

It had been better to have believed
All events had occurred
In fictitious assemblance
Instead of hoping that the space shaman,
Of heightened decibel frequencies,
Had convincingly drawn up
A minutia
Of some intrinsic value
In our wisp’s existentiality.

Inundated within waterfalls,
Our frustrated wisp, beside
Itself, was swept away

Aliens are breathtaking
Aren’t they.

She Doesn’t Even Know

Miasmic forms blinkingly guide her
Through an interdimensional
Hall lined by portals,
Disguised as doors,
That led to variants in
Timelines unaccounted for.

These bouts of idolized madnesses
Despairingly rotating within discounted
Knowledges in centrifugal force
Were where sights
Were set up at
Certain heights promising
Disappearing floors.

Centripetal forces
Coerce her into a room,
Where she scanned the walls
For a clock
To tell her
That those jargon words
Had amassed to
Something of inherent value,
Where she was able
To feel yearning and yearned
To be held.

Where miasma lovers
Could have deigned
To have understood
Her angst in some other
Distant world.

The One Who Wanted To Play

Dream wave lasers of warped mappings
From disconnected primary internet testis
Slowly phase into faulty projections of
Cinematic occupancies, subdued.

Motion detecting devices, abject, pick up
Charades of difficulties inside conspiracy theories,
Jagged ghosts of past memories,
Dispelled spells of futuristic unctions,
Systems earnestly overtly written
To have been nothing
More than reactive null hypotheses,
Pouring pejorative fumes per blame onto
His, beat his messenger, games.


Bushtits with effervescent black hole gullets
Fortify ilks of lycanthrope defenses;
Downy nests in thorny bushes,
Supported by the bluest spider silks,
Purport effigies in illusionistic monogamies
Due to snapped threads that gave way to
Yores of souls connected by strings
‘N’ magick in crystallised bricks.