Post – Some Grand Purpose

So it was with but sombre
Mendacity that the universe
Seemed to speak to our
Duality in escapist escapades

Hubrises in your great
Achievements lifted up
As offerings, only befitting
Deities of the highest caste

How quickly did we err
On relying on collections
Of forget-me-not fleurs
Whenever I’d try to remember

The reasons for staying here,
Stored memoirs in trash bins
In negligence when we’d felt
Our responsibilities at the brim.

When was it, or who was it
That started determining
The consequences of actions
In unaltered schema freights.

It was without much stress, I confess,
Resigned in purgatory, that you’d say,
Was to conjure up some mitigated story
Of why I’m sorry for our histories on replay.

I’ll forever remember those words
You said to me, “Did you know, that
Water has memory?”, the smile upon
Your radiant face, on that soul altering day.

You’ll always have that affinity for numbers
I just pray you may find completeness
In the warm embrace of the love I swore
You sought in me, but now I see

That was just a meaningless pipe dream,
Another reality where I dared to hope
That someone could love me enough
To tell me that it wasn’t all just.

Got to Have – Flight Facilities Remix – James Curd

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