If That Wasn’t Known

Convinced it wasn’t just us that much less
Created this, what you could call, sod worlds,
Where downcast eyes wanted inverted versions
Where it couldn’t be not only through our not finessed
Bee line distortions caught to assuage, at a higher altitude,
Happy phenomena; causalities from benevolent extremities.

Where singularities breaking into parallels, skipped
Previously, must’ve meant that, or so we
Think, heresy that had come up in micro pods
Could be of recurring uncalled for encores.

Wisened forms losing sight descant on bewitching budding ends
That’d occur every so often when the mind’s eye would think
To safely remind them it had been proven more often than the
Notion of worlds that kept swapping where we had heard we had existed.



Surrounded by garden bed planets
Daisy dazedly tends to
Tiny worlds, barely built, orbiting
Daisy’s parameters.

Distracted by arbitrary baubles
Daisy travels through voids,
Desperately, to capture
The belief of rarified mediums,
Giving value to matter
That was of no worth.

Granted access to these ornaments
That fate determined as purpose;
Daisy’s dumb ass bauble
Became Daisy’s world.


Despairing haunting horrors
Of spectacled menacing grins
Of tentacled worlds, caught or lost;
A negated named nameless sage
Belonging to others in real realities
Comes slickly crashing down in finality.

While discounting the possibilities,
Well in disinterested phases, slipping,
In farces of convoluted reasoning’s,
In symbols of an effigy.