Tuscan Moors Sway

In the fields of caterpillar reeds
Innocuous seeds release
Their tiny beaded griefs,
Inside these tuscan sienna moors,
Heathers undulate in ethereal sways
Until the stagnant rising dawn.
Hemispheres painted in lavender shades
Donned by the creeping fade.

The withered stems bend,
Shrivel up, and then
Give in;
Turning into mulch.


Her Formulae

From a transcendental spacecraft she peered
Hesitantly into our Nethersphere.

We stared at her otherworldliness,
With our mouths ajar at slighted steels,
As she dropped hollowed amber pearls
Along with small albino peacock flues
And fragilities of unidentified substances
In disordered chaos’s inside chances
We meticulously caught; created
From machined computations of
Aster calculations by her formulae.

Shooting down in hypergravitational velocities
They’d shatter into microscopic smithereens
Along with the vortexing winds they flew
Away with those other mysteries we’d
Never get the chance to witness:

She jet streamed from us;
Flames gradually engulfing.

Inside of Interactions

I didn’t get to see
Her interact with others,
With me.
I didn’t get to read those things,
Those small things,
You read
Inside of interactions.
I wanted to hear her voice,
I wanted to hear they way she’d form her words,
I wanted to hear each note,
Each dip, every drop
In pitch, for every emotion.
I wanted to read her faces,
To witness every twitch,
Every burst of expression,
Each smile, frown,
Furrowed brow, pursed lips,
Every open and close,
The slightest subtle changes
When I touched her,
To trace the curves
Of her shoulders, her neck,
Her bones, her flesh,
Her tits, her ass,
Her thighs
Around my waist
Her arms, her legs,
Her head buried in mine,
Her weight, her presence,
Her warmth, her skin,
Her forms of moisture
From perspiration, to saliva,
To her vagina,
To taste her flavors,
To breathe in her essence,
Of her breath,
Of her body,
Her head.