Finicky finches peck at handsome quantities of
Exported chia seeds, flicking their heads in
Noticeable caricatured turns, from tracking
Movement to avoid fistfuls of porcupine quills.

Qualitative wandering rules of a thwarted alignment
Found on the side of brutish hippopotamuses, sliding,
Verifiably engrossed inside any moor you can picture.

Disassociated from their animal nomenclatures, they
Start to slink away from predatorial chases
Brushing past bumps from rough boulders.

Meaningless encounters, valued as such by
Xenopus, croaking, bothered by their reasoned writhing
Zealotries, count down to deadly xenotropic viruses.

Jabbing fish, quickly sinking in muddy bogs,
Learnt the utter futility with every bone breaking thrust,
In frightful knowing, in losing sight,
Within the dimming
Trickling twilight.


Then: Far

The receptionist takes my coat,
Then gives me a slip,
You know,
Those ticket stubs
That you hand over before you leave
These momentous lairs, after
She had written
Down my information, along
With the date and time.

She moves to the rear
Towards the rotating thing,
Her heels clacking.
Briefly, I steal a glance
She turns and stares and
For a moment, I freeze.

But I didn’t know that her face
Was going to show the
Most dazzling smile I’d ever see.
Suddenly, as if I’m under a spell, I canter
Towards this fair maiden, undulating,
For I had become hot and bothered.
She invites me over
By caressing my shoulder,
Motioning towards
Her dungeon chambers
Through a tear in
The fabric of time and space.

This dire occasion
Where I didn’t really
Do much else
But do that dance for her,
But for some reason
This was happening.

While Fear kept braying
That eventually
She’d ask for me to leave
When she finished
Sucking the life out of me.

She Doesn’t Even Know

Miasmic forms blinkingly guide her
Through an interdimensional
Hall lined by portals,
Disguised as doors,
That led to variants in
Timelines unaccounted for.

These bouts of idolized madnesses
Despairingly rotating within discounted
Knowledges in centrifugal force
Were where sights
Were set up at
Certain heights promising
Disappearing floors.

Centripetal forces
Coerce her into a room,
Where she scanned the walls
For a clock
To tell her
That those jargon words
Had amassed to
Something of inherent value,
Where she was able
To feel yearning and yearned
To be held.

Where miasma lovers
Could have deigned
To have understood
Her angst in some other
Distant world.


Mutant rodents skitter ahead on
Persian rugs across the foyer
Covered by a layer of
Slime and soot
Shrieking their
Squirrel like kuks.

Feeding on formations of future’s
Gestations in the foray of mysterious
Silhouettes, when
The maltalent never knew
What “deserve” equated to.

For the same matter,


Speckled spectacled angel fishes
Levitating faery leprechauns in red
Gelatin holograms of flavored plum essences
Flying with black plasma birds of micro galaxies
Hovering drops of rainbow rains and
Brightly colored moth kites, alive, or (insert preferred phantasies).

Digitized realities translated into ecstatic computations of abnormalities
Sensitized to altered states of euphoric subsistencies;
Grander designs in glorious novelties of ease filled tranquilities
Whisked away by risks
Transmogrified into deleted codes of ethereal beauties
Within vortices of lifetime’s misnumbered clocks.

Emptied pockets of meager profferings
Belittled brittle esteems,
Prescribed to bottled up fantasies,
Pawned off, traded inside passivities
For close proximities within frozen
Ticking tocks; a side effect: enacted slurred idiocies.

Dawdling over ilks of spilt shattered vials,
Liquefied greys sprayed across sacred grounds,
“How blasphemous! Despairingly erroneous!”, they’d exclaim,
Desecrating exhilaratingly breathtaking scenes
By way of pointing at foolishly held paganistic dreams;
Believed, albeit briefly.

Those posthumous moments of difficulties.

Smashed Open Portals

Buttresses of circumventional cubic
Borders around hackneyed courtyards
Pour smoldering firecracker arrows that
Pin and veer into misty semisolid entities.

Sentiences declined access to limited piles of
Paraphernalia leave consecrated pretenses of
Privities. Faith filled majesties gain entrance
To inspect undiscovered artifacts of dependent
Values in disquieted shuffles distinctly heard as
They’d go through cracked vases, tarnished vessels,
Demolished traces of earthen clays, now discarded.

Simple forms forsaken, decidedly smashed open,
Revealing altercations into the old and the new.

Tuscan Moors Sway

In the fields of caterpillar reeds
Innocuous seeds release
Their tiny beaded griefs,
Inside these tuscan sienna moors,
Heathers undulate in ethereal sways
Until the stagnant rising dawn.
Hemispheres painted in lavender shades
Donned by the creeping fade.

The withered stems bend,
Shrivel up, and then
Give in;
Turning into mulch.