She wants to act like
She’s different
Than other women.

Doesn’t she know
That if she gives too much
I’ll let go.

Does she really think
I’d indulge
Her wants.



Foraging through a demo
Of yapping lines respondent
Of translucent swishing botanics
Of solidities pawned solely
In moments of evocations

Rearing in upheavals
Of fabricated processes held.

The Nonsensical

You’re over thinking it
Or is it
The others thoughtlessness
Matched against yours.

Catch phrases;
Words aligned
For a long standing joke.
But the origin?
What do those words mean?
Is that a fragment of their hidden ideology
Or is it mindless drivel that can be disregarded
As empty words
From empty vessels.

Or are you over thinking it
Are you the one that needs to stop
Because the nonsensical
Must exist
Or is it all
With reason.