Ill Fate

Ultrasonic curses eked a siege
inside mazes of elaborate pineries.

Inchoate developments, familiar, sustain
copious numbers, sitting, stationed, odiously,
outside frenzied sceneries. Vestibule
like entranceways indicate removed,
emblems and mystical runes; sedated
then swept away silently; ejections
whisked by incomprehensive eyes
by bewitching telekinetic waves.

“We must reclaim”, altruistically garnered
exclaims of shared wishes engendered, “okay”’s
in the hopelessness of the pusillanimous;
life’s threads binding inside subjective horticultures
of pathways blockaded in conjunction to projected
destines, picked, chosen; orifices decided twice..
nay, thrice.



A three eyed
Asinine reptilian
Scours the dimensional plane
With glowing holographic irises
Of yellow orange hues
With spokes
Of icy ultramarines.

Our three eyed
Reptilian crusader
Who’d been born
From royal decent,
Had been granted
Telekinetic powers
Through trials and tribulations
In warzones where it gained vision
Into stolid events of unfolding futures.

Now it stands
While clad
In its embossed skins
Formed from habitually molting,
Made to be constantly ready
In a battle mode stance.

Its armor
Of perfected
Of weaponized
Spiked studs, sharpened
Into slicing razor edges,
Amongst the finest
Tones of silvers
In the darkest
Of alloys
Of steel,
Of iron and
Titanium scales.

They shine brilliantly
In glistening
Lusters, while our warrior
Madly shrills and stomps
Its monstrous feet
In undulating sycophant beats
In rushes of hilarity
It thrusts
Its mighty sweeping rapier
With superhuman celerity
In mesmerizing zipping prowesses.

Ascending in steady surges
Unto domains
In the throes
Located atop a cliff
Riddled with poisoned nets
Hidden under covered ditches
Where discussions of covertly
Held operations were made
For clandestine approaches
Of motivations in hideous discoveries.