Specs in eon increments
Of time looped discoveries
Fractalized photonic frequencies
Traveling through spacious spaces in specialities
When gaseous orbs of ionized plasmas
Converged, likened to alignments of connected
Dots, and lined up within this senselessnesses.


Drifting in Weird Spaces

Do they subconsciously flow through
The same disordered spacial veins or
Have they drifted apart to be met later on,
Sank too deeply into misheard news, or
Stopped at knotted micro vessel pathways
Blockaded by clots of interrogation points,
Writ on illusory glass like cubic shapes,
Where maybe all of the above never happened,
Where tired membranes and walls meant to
Border gangs of ribonucleic acids from
What, truthfully, aught to be sailing
Failed to protect them any more
From daytime terrors or midnight reveries.

If “It” Would Be

Galactic kings shoot their luminous galaxies
Suspended over official gigantic super futons
Leaping across the universes’ seas
Their duties call them forth,
Back onto uncharted battlefields.

When they heard they looked up in disbelief,
Not particularly focusing on any thing,
When they’d sworn, in cosmic sands,
They swore them off in a not so far off reality.
That can’t..
That must’ve been
Wishful thinking..” in discord
Their darling lovers sighed and implored,
Mustering effort to voice their blooming concerns,
‘Bout the assignment day.

With insufficient info logged into computers,
Land dwellers kept staring at screens to find
Which independent interplanetary sector
They had chillingly come zipping
Through the ridiculous sky from.

When They Requested

Lost distorted air densities
Colored in boggy burgundies
Filled with meteoric realties
Too close to the event horizon
Of spherical black holes
Of collapsed stellar masses;
Observances of the purported
Teleported in sealed envelopes.
Upon reception, tossed to the side,
Forgotten, then shredded up
With the rest of the wasted.

Without tomorrow’s worried sorrows
Noisily rearranged to help,
“Me hungry, me cold.”
They’d curtly dribble,
Punching tickets each day
For many a Sun’s and Moon’s
Before they’d look to know
That which was to come
On what pre-impressed day.

They Disappear

They missed star fires on the macro
Within bursts of micro universes
Consisting of replicated finite matters
Within quantum foams
When photons traversed at variances
Within moments of relative brevity.

Nebulous billows emanating
Pretend particles of heat
Directly to the fabrics’ heart
Where phantoms ruminated about
The duration of momentary relief
Spread across their faces and
The imminent sick yearning
Without the qualitative data
Necessary to compute
The minutiae of the gravity

From foreboding moons.

Then: Far

The receptionist takes my coat,
Then gives me a slip,
You know,
Those ticket stubs
That you hand over before you leave
These momentous lairs, after
She had written
Down my information, along
With the date and time.

She moves to the rear
Towards the rotating thing,
Her heels clacking.
Briefly, I steal a glance
She turns and stares and
For a moment, I freeze.

But I didn’t know that her face
Was going to show the
Most dazzling smile I’d ever see.
Suddenly, as if I’m under a spell, I canter
Towards this fair maiden, undulating,
For I had become hot and bothered.
She invites me over
By caressing my shoulder,
Motioning towards
Her dungeon chambers
Through a tear in
The fabric of time and space.

This dire occasion
Where I didn’t really
Do much else
But do that dance for her,
But for some reason
This was happening.

While Fear kept braying
That eventually
She’d ask for me to leave
When she finished
Sucking the life out of me.


Surrounded by garden bed planets
Daisy dazedly tends to
Tiny worlds, barely built, orbiting
Daisy’s parameters.

Distracted by arbitrary baubles
Daisy travels through voids,
Desperately, to capture
The belief of rarified mediums,
Giving value to matter
That was of no worth.

Granted access to these ornaments
That fate determined as purpose;
Daisy’s dumb ass bauble
Became Daisy’s world.