Multi-hued heated currents,
Freely flowing in plasma globes,
Spark solitary streams in horizontal plains;
Convecting, rising, disconnecting
From gaseous laws: without constants.

Paths altered inside imprecisions
By remorseful fluorescent conductors
That built this groovy world
That contained their own
Highs and lows of woody copes.

Choice – given
Within fabricated dots.

Crowned avenues bordered
By blooming cherry blossoms
Depictions made to be plausible,
Conned by doubtable existences;
They’d unconjugate gated expanses
With lasted least resistance.

We review the “I” inside
Dreams of idealisms
Detached from before;
Defining every fiber
To be human.

Wile – Impatience wears Patience’s cloak,
While Patience is silent.

“But love–”
SHHHuT up.


Mercury Glasses 

Mercury glasses held in
The decadence of night
By beings inside warped mirrors
Hold up blinking ornaments
To their mystified chins.
Gooey stars drift in whirlwinds
Within redolent aethereal spheres.

Hospices filled with the shunned:
Beggars, lepers, and cunts.
Doors to rooms; gateways that severed
When order had been ordained.

Bleats demoralizing these structures
Warding them away inside antistructures
From history’s censured misadventures;
Hating, disgusted, lamenting at
Pointed fingers; objected.

Holograms of limboed dreams
Limned by dripping reference beams.

The Worst

The worst could be held
at guantanamo bay.

Those things that would cause
us to shudder, at the mention
of the heinous things they’d say.

Forgotten disdain,
forged again and again,
turned beyond recognition
into pulpous corpses.

Perfected stories
altered, repeated,
each time spoken;
addled lines, pretenses,
to make the story great.

Devoid of realness
left to strafe.


They rollerblade
Through the complexities of space tunnels
Fabricated by hypothetical schools
Made to be lengthy tests
Where time seemed to be
Made into trivialities of diagnostic schemes.

Brightly lit neon signs
Blurring past attentive notations,
Below, above and around them,
Numerous characters indicative of the inferential and descriptive,
However small or large, in essence
Released from impossibilities.

Her voice heard in the distance;
Words meekly hissing through apologues;
Probabilities subjected to a sentence;
Seeking narratives of an iota allocated
To venerated yields of unities.

Making Sense

Quintessential, exonerative evidence,
Hazardously, slowly exacerbate an esthetique;
Glorified maple seeds collected as a curio.

Viruses on xenic plaques sequestered into liquid phalanxes. They’d seep
Trepidly into quarries, stomped on, followed by a squelch:
Primavera quandaries that of low EQ.
Xanax-y side effects of xenophobia’s that shook
Just those with axial queries, a bout, of purple helicopter fuses:
Torques of magnifique syntaxes that perplexed devolved axons; skewed.

Wanton omniscient ubiquities of felt acerbic hilarity; isocyanic acid: refused.


The naked eye traces the astronomical
While privities lied in the telescopical.
The observational flux in atypical size;
Lives annexed by night’s sides.

Trajectorial paths grated onto sheets.
Jotted dots, erased, replaced, added,
Leaving ghostly memories; respondencies
Leading to palms of aphrodisiacal tangibilities.

Shudderings caused by breezes caught
By branchless leaves by those reasoning;
Thoughts attached to weighted appraisals and accusals
Thrown into the abyssal depths of sentient mysteries.

Representative of acausal destinies.

Substantial lasers lost in aerial proximities
Diffuse in approximated distances of absorbencies;
Riveted exchanges of asymmetrical favors;
Presences of wonder; pieces playing god.

Devalued (or overly so) battles
Midst those evidential tolls of endeavors,
Would show in the before and afters of
Lexically languid portrayals or deleted sequences;
Values surmised as emulsifications of enough
Determinacies within incapabilities.