Her Formulae

From a transcendental spacecraft she peered
Hesitantly into our Nethersphere.

We stared at her otherworldliness,
With our mouths ajar at slighted steels,
As she dropped hollowed amber pearls
Along with small albino peacock flues
And fragilities of unidentified substances
In disordered chaos’s inside chances
We meticulously caught; created
From machined computations of
Aster calculations by her formulae.

Shooting down in hypergravitational velocities
They’d shatter into microscopic smithereens
Along with the vortexing winds they flew
Away with those other mysteries we’d
Never get the chance to witness:

She jet streamed from us;
Flames gradually engulfing.

Broken Promises

Miniscule orbs illuminated in subtle glows
Float towards cloudless cerulean skies
As plum blossom petals loftily distract her zigzagging eyes
In absorbing trances of mesmerizing perspectival glances.

Steadily, she places her hands on the hilt,
Bracing her legs to make the next leap
In the labyrinthine curves of tilted mounds
Where mice would swerve and sulk past her feet.

She pauses, images of misstepped darkness
Blinds in olive, sorrowfully fading inside
Abysmal medicinal remedies of impossibilities
Successionally staring in rotations, blankly.

Avoiding Realities

In hueless coiling shades of morality
Our love is defamed to colorless ideologies
In flux because of a dualistic comorbidity.

Classifying our hands clasped in amity
As existential debacles of debaucheries
In hueless coiling shades of morality

Prismatic bleeds seeping in dream’s reality
Of our love’s gently gripping dexterities
In flux because of a dualistic comorbidity.

The love I held, for you, written in austerity
Unshakable truths to displace the currencies
In hueless coiling shades of morality.

Plastic cups joined in clandestinity,
Filled up with disillusioned remedies
In flux because of a dualistic comorbidity.

We could have admitted it was nothing more than amorality
But, we, I, kept trying to justify it as the chase of infinities
In endless hueless coiling shades of morality
In flux because of a dualistic comorbidity


Hope’s Imagination

Screeds of inks slither
In venous pathways
On fragile rice papers
Feebly made by paupers
Who wistfully pry
For wishful tokens
Of compassion’s compromises
In the lit pathway
On hope’s flighty imaginations
Flapping in tragic
Wills of vehement longings
For real enchantments
Of magicless worlds;
Sombre realistic reminders.