Making Sense

Quintessential, exonerative evidence,
Hazardously, slowly exacerbate an esthetique;
Glorified maple seeds collected as a curio.

Viruses on xenic plaques sequestered into liquid phalanxes. They’d seep
Trepidly into quarries, stomped on, followed by a squelch:
Primavera quandaries that of low EQ.
Xanax-y side effects of xenophobia’s that shook
Just those with axial queries, a bout, of purple helicopter fuses:
Torques of magnifique syntaxes that perplexed devolved axons; skewed.

Wanton omniscient ubiquities of felt acerbic hilarity; isocyanic acid: refused.



The naked eye traces the astronomical
While privities lied in the telescopical.
The observational flux in atypical size;
Lives annexed by night’s sides.

Trajectorial paths grated onto sheets.
Jotted dots, erased, replaced, added,
Leaving ghostly memories; respondencies
Leading to palms of aphrodisiacal tangibilities.

Shudderings caused by breezes caught
By branchless leaves by those reasoning;
Thoughts attached to weighted appraisals and accusals
Thrown into the abyssal depths of sentient mysteries.

Representative of acausal destinies.

Substantial lasers lost in aerial proximities
Diffuse in approximated distances of absorbencies;
Riveted exchanges of asymmetrical favors;
Presences of wonder; pieces playing god.

Devalued (or overly so) battles
Midst those evidential tolls of endeavors,
Would show in the before and afters of
Lexically languid portrayals or deleted sequences;
Values surmised as emulsifications of enough
Determinacies within incapabilities.

Are We

Questionable weights, under
Brandish molten microcosms
Flung at the phantasmal;
Lucid, seemingly graspable,
Constructed from obsidian
Blades plagued by patterns;
Mottled lichen growths;
Contrasting cortexes against
Shaded terrains of flame
Shapes in curvatures, whir,
Witnessed by nuances in our
Materialization into this domain,
Slip, frozen, slit,
Made invisible, into
That dimension; alternate.


Luminescent opals, citrines, garnets, and green diamond planets
Hover within linear transcendental metagalaxies in bisymmetrical
Rotations; ordered revelations in the connections in the why’s of it all.
Credulously peeved reliabilities, tossed into interplanetary sphincters,
Reverberating in resounding vacuums of fabricated chambers. Gnawing
Spatial glaciers gradually descending into suctioning gravitational pulls
To thwarted dimensional fields where olive trees had never been planted.
Suns seeking planets, surrendering when displaced inside occultish seas.