Despite Warning Signs

With weighty shields
Held up to hunched up shoulders,
She rides, inside inversions of
Javelin games that preceded
Fanatically styled themes of
Prevaricated controls
Within previous experiences
Within emotion’s scents.

Wracked with regrets,
She sought evidential proofs;
That a life riddled
With loopholes
Did not, in kind, deign
The deranged,
That empires had been
Wrongly assumed.
Then, decidedly, estranged.

Her discontent in vulnerabilities
Proceeded by winged frenulum strengths,
Fraught in her gossamer threads,
That could’ve been avoided
Had she stopped to think for a bit.



The colour of her aura
Drew me passed
The black magic curtains
Not dissimilar
To ones I saw once.
But I, I am just – a man
Forgoing a journey on a
Creeded hill with credulity.
Kinesthetics hold a telescope
Niched at pitted ends.
Finalities given to me at
Carved dangers in her intellect.
Kapowed by her disagreements;
Radioactive love
Donned to me in ambiguities.


Multi-hued heated currents,
Freely flowing in plasma globes,
Spark solitary streams in horizontal plains;
Convecting, rising, disconnecting
From gaseous laws: without constants.

Paths altered inside imprecisions
By remorseful fluorescent conductors
That built this groovy world
That contained their own
Highs and lows of woody copes.

Choice – given
Within fabricated dots.

Crowned avenues bordered
By blooming cherry blossoms
Depictions made to be plausible,
Conned by doubtable existences;
They’d unconjugate gated expanses
With lasted least resistance.

We review the “I” inside
Dreams of idealisms
Detached from before;
Defining every fiber
To be human.

Wile – Impatience wears Patience’s cloak,
While Patience is silent.

“But love–”
SHHHuT up.


They held their hands
To their eyes
To shield them
From the sun.

Dramaturgical acts
Drummed on
Hidden strings.

Those effigies enacted
Beneath non-redacted scenes
Retracted in accidental realms;

Reams of sanguine streams
Run on electricity
Barely visible on the brink.

Delirium Manifest

From the malevolent delirium
Of salient vegetations
Of shiitake and collard greens,
Disciples stopped by emboldened slopes, steadfastly spiraling
Down past the convexing skyline of alkaline topaz blues.

While temperately examining hindering wild leeks,
Hunger’s visitation incurs the consumption of chinaberry fruits.
Booted racket-tails feed on lilac blossoms with a touch of pink,
Whilst the ones that ate, lay curling in angst against
The manifestations from the toxicities of golds.

At The Very Least

Premier appearances of rambunctious displays
Happened on a mid-summer’s day.
Disbelieving unctions of bellowing roars
Repeatedly flared across the horizon.
Red haired giant, Arcturus, Viking imperious,
Deliciously grotesque, of raging perfection,
Rammed into febrile doors of depleted joys.

Knowing walls withhold their beacons,
They’d babble in indiscernible foreign tongues about evaporating
Time frames, unquantifiable, immovable, harried.

His comeuppance in his palpable disinterest, undaunted.
Jaunts of rediscoveries reach passing fades,
Flickering, once in each new domain.

Mainland origins lost to history, eroded texts donned to still waters.
Solid matters announce his arrival of significance:
Minimal interest, the same.

Making Sense

Quintessential, exonerative evidence,
Hazardously, slowly exacerbate an esthetique;
Glorified maple seeds collected as a curio.

Viruses on xenic plaques sequestered into liquid phalanxes. They’d seep
Trepidly into quarries, stomped on, followed by a squelch:
Primavera quandaries that of low EQ.
Xanax-y side effects of xenophobia’s that shook
Just those with axial queries, a bout, of purple helicopter fuses:
Torques of magnifique syntaxes that perplexed devolved axons; skewed.

Wanton omniscient ubiquities of felt acerbic hilarity; isocyanic acid: refused.