We lifted off the ground
With our feet.
Sitting on wooden seesaws
Painted in burgundy
While the sun shone
Through lens glares and
Glowing bubbly things,
Drifting in tints of
Brazilian fire opals;

She had been laughing,

We had been laughing,

Within a daydreamer’s fantasy.


Smashed Open Portals

Buttresses of circumventional cubic
Borders around hackneyed courtyards
Pour smoldering firecracker arrows that
Pin and veer into misty semisolid entities.

Sentiences declined access to limited piles of
Paraphernalia leave consecrated pretenses of
Privities. Faith filled majesties gain entrance
To inspect undiscovered artifacts of dependent
Values in disquieted shuffles distinctly heard as
They’d go through cracked vases, tarnished vessels,
Demolished traces of earthen clays, now discarded.

Simple forms forsaken, decidedly smashed open,
Revealing altercations into the old and the new.


Luminescent opals, citrines, garnets, and green diamond planets
Hover within linear transcendental metagalaxies in bisymmetrical
Rotations; ordered revelations in the connections in the why’s of it all.
Credulously peeved reliabilities, tossed into interplanetary sphincters,
Reverberating in resounding vacuums of fabricated chambers. Gnawing
Spatial glaciers gradually descending into suctioning gravitational pulls
To thwarted dimensional fields where olive trees had never been planted.
Suns seeking planets, surrendering when displaced inside occultish seas.


Wooded copses of extended entanglements
Stretch across deserted tree lines that dwindle
Gradually to a glade; waters run from trenches
Towards the heavens of earthless bedrocks.

Watercolored birds fly along the air currents of
Rivers bending at inverted waterfalls reaching
High altitude peaks, where stormy clouds gathered,
Dropping hails at supersonic speeds.

The cost of careless misadventures tamed
Those who’d been injured, while the wise
Sat idly watching the foolish try to soar.


On reflective post apocalyptic planets riddled with sycamores,
A lark, stooped atop, poops out black purple blazes that had
Occupied its stomach. Noisily diminishing; twiddly sizzling
Ere, poof, they vanished. Garnished branches of stemmed
Yellowed evergreens careen in choreographic paces by the
Effortless forces of winds; crazed and windingly.

Effluvious gases sourcing from sorceresses scoured these
Earthen plains of explicable chains hammered in with
Incandescent magic spades that changed colors to match
Every bypassing season. Conjoined cobweb links inertly sever
Irenic sections of desolate moistures that had
Once prevailed.


Along side the fortuitous jungle, an abandoned home of modernity resides.
Bemused amphibian creatures dwell inside the structure of splintered doors
Confounded by the alligators, that lived submerged in the moldy algae pool,
Disengaged from musty biomechanical elephants of carbon fibers; layered by
Embossed hides that mimicked the genuine; anomalous minted bodies; tusks
Foiled in amorphous metals; full massive limbs with built in tank treads. A
Gnollish wanderer spurred from the tropics it spurned, gasping at its new
Horrendous position. It glanced at the home with decaying walls and decided
“Into the pool I shall go.” It dove into currents powered by solar panels built,
Jarringly, hundreds of years ago. Opening it’s eyes in still translucent waters, it
Keenly took note of the horrid predators snaking in the distance, wearily
Locating them by its peripherals. It rushed its hands over a ledge, creating
Murky lollygagging whorls. One hastened in petrifying speeds, so it heaved a
Nodule, it intrepidly found, in the direction of the biomechanical beasts.
Omitting the gnoll, it lunged into its predetermined crackling symmetries.

Tuscan Moors Sway

In the fields of caterpillar reeds
Innocuous seeds release
Their tiny beaded griefs,
Inside these tuscan sienna moors,
Heathers undulate in ethereal sways
Until the stagnant rising dawn.
Hemispheres painted in lavender shades
Donned by the creeping fade.

The withered stems bend,
Shrivel up, and then
Give in;
Turning into mulch.