Incessant yelling herds of white pygmy antelope
Beasts resembling the dik-dik species stampede
Through quadrants, meant to quarantine,
Within nasty shocking bio dome shields
Reflecting blue filtered lights onto
Lustrous rainbow inclusions inside
Crystallized antlered horns
With tiny serrations pointing up.

Foolhardy piranha teethed armed women
Rush lush vegetation, unabashed,
Bemused at naive greenlings, employing
Deprecated just randomly learnt tactical stratagems
With recklessly abandoned basic rubrics.

They test, in brief combat,
Before pwning, retreating
Further into thickening thickets,
Shuffling in wait, silently avoiding,
To bide time to have allies
Flank and surround them,
Cutting off their escape routes
To make them retreat towards
Turrets with revolving lapis cores.


That Maybe

A gargoyle gargles diamante marbles,
Its only questionable possessions,
Amassed in its angry gnarled mouth,
Eroding away the moss that grew, but then
Accidentally spit them
Into bottomless koi pools.

In its despair it strokingly searches
Whites glinting off navy hues,
When a partial apparitional figment hardly
Illudes his vision; clear and spherical,
Infused with a deeper shade than honeydew,
It appears before him, bobbing,
Inside sweeter liquid states
Of hydrogen and oxygen molecules.

And then, coyly, a doe eyed goddess emerges
Wringing and demurely shaking excess
Water fraught in her molten form,
Exasperatingly, she smirks,
It grits its teeth, glaring at her,
As she excitedly pulls a different marble
Out from her maiden frame,
“Ahhaha. Look, it’s new”, she sighs

It wantonly thinks, exceptionally paranoid,
To itself, glad it could, maybe I can hope
And dream, on the dawn of some other day.

Hymns of the Nautical

Terse garden gnomes on signs of acid
Excitedly rehearse written lines like
Humored buffoons, learning rhymes
Near exquisite fluctuations, dancing by
Umber stained wood panels basically constructed into
Meadowed hills, with collections of daffodils.

Bemused, we’d say, “You’re pretty” to our kind muses
Shaken in interacting, in every given exchange, with our heads
Under our shoulders when we’d find ourselves alone
Pretending (or maybe it was hope) we were enamored
Enough that somehow dark magick lasers would serve our
Virile desires, needs? (a disease); soaring faster than hyperdrive speeds.



From a leaf a bombardier beetle
Sorely cleans its jointed antennae, its
Gaze acutely fixed on a male
Lazing limply on a net affixed
To two totem poles
Covered in talismans with
Curvatures shaped in S-lines, unfiltered
Sun rays alongside shadows
From leafy branches undulate,
Swaying in waves as a breeze
Passes by, impressions
Casted upon his body
Where an upturned open book
Sat on his belly, wondering;
What could he possibly be thinking,
If they felt in the same way. Oh
How it wanted to travel across the river
Bed to ask, but had not planned,
Nor knew the way.

Smashed Open Portals

Buttresses of circumventional cubic
Borders around hackneyed courtyards
Pour smoldering firecracker arrows that
Pin and veer into misty semisolid entities.

Sentiences declined access to limited piles of
Paraphernalia leave consecrated pretenses of
Privities. Faith filled majesties gain entrance
To inspect undiscovered artifacts of dependent
Values in disquieted shuffles distinctly heard as
They’d go through cracked vases, tarnished vessels,
Demolished traces of earthen clays, now discarded.

Simple forms forsaken, decidedly smashed open,
Revealing altercations into the old and the new.


Luminescent opals, citrines, garnets, and green diamond planets
Hover within linear transcendental metagalaxies in bisymmetrical
Rotations; ordered revelations in the connections in the why’s of it all.
Credulously peeved reliabilities, tossed into interplanetary sphincters,
Reverberating in resounding vacuums of fabricated chambers. Gnawing
Spatial glaciers gradually descending into suctioning gravitational pulls
To thwarted dimensional fields where olive trees had never been planted.
Suns seeking planets, surrendering when displaced inside occultish seas.