So They Thought: Unreal Quest

Fatalities inside shoals litter unthinkable clarities with sick aplomb
Arbitrarily, strings of bodies with buoyancies poke out in the inner area.

Ratified fated tales submerged and considered as conspiracies, hail
Magnifiences, in complementing flickering glamours. Amorously they’d sail
Through, touching on rooted matters disappearing like pixilated coins.

Reproached, backed up individuals, engulfed, unable to determine their drab
Off putting guts, suddenly needed to scratch uncomfortable out breaks of eczema,
Less impulsive ones cease in weighing the seeming, while the morose grouped duo
Lamented at unhelpful resolutions surfacing at a snails pace, resting on the unredeemed.


We Didn’t Want

Limned disused spokes fall gradually; like confetti.
Grievances of the bespoken, fiendish,
Tersely state our capacities in shouldn’t haves,
Arbitrarily, rather hurt amidst the hubbub,
Erratically, recounting the too often never,
Charred from the nightmarish,
Optically perceived. They then tap
Stylistically, here, at
Kissing seas.

They’d Know

With out stretched appendages
Saviors of dark, nacreous, steely
Gauntleted membranes
With a touch of burnt sienna,
With clawed joints basically stacked
To bladed finger tips,
Placed the thinnest transparent fractals
Of prewritten swishing pages; bits
Robotic eyes had thoroughly processed.

Marred chances that were or were not
Purposefully digitized or replaced spells,
Recovered consumed watts that sparked movement;
Gears, whirring with a sort of mechanical precision,
Incised brittle fibers of glasses or
Were forcibly thrown into informants for
The sake of their imaginative needle games.

Too Many

Cameras with angel wings grant us access
To footage from aerial angles in the aethereal sphere,
Circling round two players playing chess,
With their legs folded, on top a tufted circular bed
Bordered by ivory satin sheets that mimicked
Mosquito net canopies,
They’d sway dreamily,
Flapping gently in the oceanic breeze.
Pieces hastily given away by shortsightedness,
Where trust, built timelessly,
Was mistakenly misplaced inside a game.

The One Who Wanted To Play

Dream wave lasers of warped mappings
From disconnected primary internet testis
Slowly phase into faulty projections of
Cinematic occupancies, subdued.

Motion detecting devices, abject, pick up
Charades of difficulties inside conspiracy theories,
Jagged ghosts of past memories,
Dispelled spells of futuristic unctions,
Systems earnestly overtly written
To have been nothing
More than reactive null hypotheses,
Pouring pejorative fumes per blame onto
His, beat his messenger, games.

Despite Warning Signs

With weighty shields
Held up to hunched up shoulders,
She rides, inside inversions of
Javelin games that preceded
Fanatically styled themes of
Prevaricated controls
Within previous experiences
Within emotion’s scents.

Wracked with regrets,
She sought evidential proofs;
That a life riddled
With loopholes
Did not, in kind, deign
The deranged,
That empires had been
Wrongly assumed.
Then, decidedly, estranged.

Her discontent in vulnerabilities
Proceeded by winged frenulum strengths,
Fraught in her gossamer threads,
That could’ve been avoided
Had she stopped to think for a bit.


Silent emanations of netherworlds
dastardly play with emotions
as though they were toys.

Jenga piles; lip services
placed and reapplied,
suctioned into vacuum seals
then labeled as misnomers.

Patterned jigsaw tiles;
warped cardboard designs
of pinpointed accuracies,
their abilities.

Casted pea pods;
marbled conundrums
of circumstantial amazements:

Laughing at
my sanity.