While They Kept

Ignoble intentions inside a foil jet,
Flamboyantly, on a path, overflew
Thwarted retentions at the pathologic
Heart of spruced up gaseous airs.

As they’d try to radio to controls,
Secretly siphoned particles kept in
Warped containers engrossingly seeped through
Noticeable gaps, as an A.I
Tinkled and gasped “don’t” then tried to snub,
Badly, escaping gases with their thumb,
Barely rationing the hungrily complied data
Cyborg’s had drawn with intent of some sort.



Blasts of toiling winds from a guru
Jostles the void with bravado
Knocking reminders of knavish
Ascensions, betwixt an exposé;
Nodules filled with puss, decease,
Haggardly deflate while gnawing
At miles dissipated with a scrunch.

Hope’s Imagination

Screeds of inks slither
In venous pathways
On fragile rice papers
Feebly made by paupers
Who wistfully pry
For wishful tokens
Of compassion’s compromises
In the lit pathway
On hope’s flighty imaginations
Flapping in tragic
Wills of vehement longings
For real enchantments
Of magicless worlds;
Sombre realistic reminders.