Title Lag

Expected transfigurations
Of silhouetted contours
From hatched outlines
In mimicking craft
Of countenances.

Forms of commanded silences
Derived from ideologies
Of Truth is Law;
Unshakeable, indisputable
Moments of momentous mementos
In destructions of unfounded wooden
Lodges with wedged in reasoning.

Enigmatic enmities of rebuttals
Of rebellious refusals reflecting
The absence of the prescribed.

Repeated bolts of heightened acuity
Fiercely quell repudiations
By irrefutable evidence
When facing the sagacious
In strikes of stark realisations
In learning reliable consistencies
Repetitive leaden defeats leading
To admittance by amicable amities
Of words blindly accepted;
Reframed as idolatry.


Disappointed Faces

Of my head.

I told you not to touch me.
I told you not to enter my world.
But you came in anyway
And brought your friends along the way.

I just wanted to be left alone;
Forgotten on your back porch.

Go back from whence you came.

I’m sorry.
I made a mistake.
I am the one to blame.
I am the one
Who wanted to be seen
In the first place.

“You’re a failure.”
“You’re a failure.”
They tell me;
Parrots squawking.
“You will never change.”
“You will always be stuck in this place.”

Please just let me
In peace.