Music Exists

Modulations of variant frequencies
In cellular flesh matter proportions
In questionable allocations;
Of the soul’s displacement,
Or the mind’s location,
To the point of disdain,
In listening to vain chatter
Of words discerned
Or lost in the ether.

Especially when
Or information
As an alternative.


Yes Proclaimers

Disruptive tones inflected
Are retaliated with growling
Gurgling reverberations.
Eruptive retaliation incited
From the receptor
Of data;
Unable to swallow
A pill whole,
From being groomed
By yes proclaimers
With plastic jewels,
Embellished lines in chains,
Adornment of rows in rings,
Crowns encircling above the brow,
From the finest metals,
Of costly coins.
Royalty dressed
In false impressions
Where none are able to deny
Or identify constructs,
Spawn distasteful distortions
That can’t listen
To facts.