We lifted off the ground
With our feet.
Sitting on wooden seesaws
Painted in burgundy
While the sun shone
Through lens glares and
Glowing bubbly things,
Drifting in tints of
Brazilian fire opals;

She had been laughing,

We had been laughing,

Within a daydreamer’s fantasy.


Another Stranger

I close my eyes
And visit the future.

A future where you and I
Existed together.

I’d caress that beautiful head
And vomit words of praise.
I’d tell you how beautiful
You looked each passing day.
Your tender hands I’d hold
Forever amazed you materialized
As tangible bodily warmth.
As time would wither us both,
I’d be sure to remind you
Of how beautiful you were
That day,
And the ones that would follow.

But that’s in some fantasy place
A world where miracles happen.
Instead, I’m lost in this space
Where you don’t exist
As a lover.
Falling apart in this universe
Where you’re
Just another stranger.