Inconceivable spectral arrays of adamantine bullets shatter
Rambunctiously through scalloped lattice screens
In ambitiously accelerated shutter speeds.
Revealing stunning successions of frames
Of prudent realities.


Yes Proclaimers

Disruptive tones inflected
Are retaliated with growling
Gurgling reverberations.
Eruptive retaliation incited
From the receptor
Of data;
Unable to swallow
A pill whole,
From being groomed
By yes proclaimers
With plastic jewels,
Embellished lines in chains,
Adornment of rows in rings,
Crowns encircling above the brow,
From the finest metals,
Of costly coins.
Royalty dressed
In false impressions
Where none are able to deny
Or identify constructs,
Spawn distasteful distortions
That can’t listen
To facts.


I hope I will see less of those disfigured
Reflections of derisible comeuppances made
Undesirable, god owned inflections of disturbances.

You dislike it?

Overcome it.

Seise that crazed rabid ram
And wrangle it
Into the ground
Instead of rampaging
Around trapped entanglement.

Accepting inertia in hushed hysteria
Believing in the wooden tensions
With crackling voices of panic infused
Pathetic whimpers of choices tumbling,
Ascending ionisations of the unknown;
Formulating negative and positive charges.

Tell me again
How you are powerless
To control the outcome.

When I know different.

The distaste
Of weakness.

I can do whatever I’ve decided I can do.


Dreary Groves

Perchance it was fortune
That pixelated forms
Of poorly rasterised
Zoomed up
Blurry images
Were deleted.

Relatable occurrences
Recurring instances
In abrupt sequences.

Maple leaves falling
In autumn
In dreary groves.

To the feeling I am left
To the following season;
A cold and desolate region,
In flashes of anger
Of mostly confusion.

Misdirected Incantations

Brittle flakes of
Complexes of
Crumble at

Self worth is calculated
By the value of a soul
Compared to an other:
The mental rubric of
The individual
Determines “value”.

The value of the self
Is diminished
In comparison.

Berating the self
In bars of past notes
Of self worth,
Self love,
Self hate.
Cyclic fashions
Of coalescent realities
Dressed up
Of singularity.