Beauty’s Reminders

Dominions decided upon
Despite palpable disinterests
For loveless connections;
The behest of estranged happenstances
With corroborated reminders
From nuanced ninons–
That he was



A nightingale dives towards
mined florescent fluorite minerals
as it curtails its wings
to change its trajectorial line
to land on an approximated piece.

It twitters songs of glib connections,
with its eyes of inverted concaved florescence,
of the artificial and the natural,
of ludicrously unblinking lids.

A glass sphere of optical filters
emits ultraviolet illuminations
prior to the dusk and dawn
of one star and one fixture; redux.

While it would plead hopeful,
aghast, on this storied planet
of ridiculous magic tricks.

Making Sense

Quintessential, exonerative evidence,
Hazardously, slowly exacerbate an esthetique;
Glorified maple seeds collected as a curio.

Viruses on xenic plaques sequestered into liquid phalanxes. They’d seep
Trepidly into quarries, stomped on, followed by a squelch:
Primavera quandaries that of low EQ.
Xanax-y side effects of xenophobia’s that shook
Just those with axial queries, a bout, of purple helicopter fuses:
Torques of magnifique syntaxes that perplexed devolved axons; skewed.

Wanton omniscient ubiquities of felt acerbic hilarity; isocyanic acid: refused.