Delirium Manifest

From the malevolent delirium
Of salient vegetations
Of shiitake and collard greens,
Disciples stopped by emboldened slopes, steadfastly spiraling
Down past the convexing skyline of alkaline topaz blues.

While temperately examining hindering wild leeks,
Hunger’s visitation incurs the consumption of chinaberry fruits.
Booted racket-tails feed on lilac blossoms with a touch of pink,
Whilst the ones that ate, lay curling in angst against
The manifestations from the toxicities of golds.



Dawdling rainbow waves brilliantly bolster
Floating cloisters of clustered floral patterns;
Clamoring roots dangling in traveling wisps,
Petals in bundles of electric cobalt sparks,
Whited oyster pearls, vibrating bismuth greens,
Starch red bleeds, ephemeral violet plasmas,
Lined yellow flares, and whispered orange hints,

Variant forms of past endeavors of awe
Struck wonders, giggles, and haunts;
We float towards
Primaries and secondary colours
Drifting away from half clasping grasps.

Those vapored seconds of the first.

From traversed dimensions
We take a glance
From these mountain summits
Staring at those jagged formations
That we could upholster,
Like the last.