Shit Gangsters Say

Colors seep from wrecked surfaces,
Melting from molecular substances.

Personally smelted alloys, conjoined,
Bonded within subatomic places, issued
To be the sole proprietor of entropic
Losses clinging on from behind onto
Voids; where joints were nibbled at.

Casualties instilled in causalities, rapt
Through glasses in nonquantitative axioms.


They’re Weak

Nano-ish sized molecular matters
Wilt while riding in a horizontal line,
Supporting beams in a location,
Gleaming, on dozens of lying flying foxes,
Without the metronomic questions on the sly,
Speaking of loves, an unrequited one, along
With hurts felt in shushing why’s,
Proudly gripping pelts tightly,
Hooded and located on their wry backs
While they’d persist and think and glide
Effortlessly, in a disbelieving sense,
Throughout that black and red sky, quite
Daringly entering, uncaringly,
The bounds of losing their shit.

When They Requested

Lost distorted air densities
Colored in boggy burgundies
Filled with meteoric realties
Too close to the event horizon
Of spherical black holes
Of collapsed stellar masses;
Observances of the purported
Teleported in sealed envelopes.
Upon reception, tossed to the side,
Forgotten, then shredded up
With the rest of the wasted.

Without tomorrow’s worried sorrows
Noisily rearranged to help,
“Me hungry, me cold.”
They’d curtly dribble,
Punching tickets each day
For many a Sun’s and Moon’s
Before they’d look to know
That which was to come
On what pre-impressed day.

They Stopped

Titanium white hazmat suits, encumbered,
Misplaced papers of evaluated genetic traits
Belonging to biohazardous microorganisms
Simplistically numbered on clipboards.

Syndicates in cylindrical elevators
Placating the perpetuating
Judgments of clerical offices,
By products of the environment,
Proposing novellas of exit strategies.

“Please state the floor you’ll be exiting!”

Tuscan Moors Sway

In the fields of caterpillar reeds
Innocuous seeds release
Their tiny beaded griefs,
Inside these tuscan sienna moors,
Heathers undulate in ethereal sways
Until the stagnant rising dawn.
Hemispheres painted in lavender shades
Donned by the creeping fade.

The withered stems bend,
Shrivel up, and then
Give in;
Turning into mulch.


Nightmarish incubi soared through the kingdom, icily
Crystallizing subterranean plains in alizarin crimson yields.
Frozen figures of sarcastic synergies imploring motion
Within obstructions disintegrated as farcical defiances
While lost souls cowered inside these forgotten labyrinths
Where energies were consigned to shaded hiding spaces.


Exalted inflections in layers of tertiary
Inclinations of secondary stout devotees,
Fiercely quell and repudiate in primaries.
Thralls enthralled in flamboyant sparks
Hilariously slithering in verminous mucks
Lest these wiles inhumanely slyly smile,
Sown in gnawing leaps of worth; diminished,
Yammer within negated syncopated beats.