These Words

I am tired of trying
To see what they

How they know
My interests before I would,
How they would show
The shadows I’d try to hide away.
How they formulate;
Where they come from,
Which story, which song,
Which movie, which page,
Which vision;
Did they show.
How they’d effect
The words I’d choose to say.
Do the sounds I hear
Effect them,
Could it be mathematically explained,
Could a computer algorithm solve
If it were to be programmed the right way.

But I couldn’t do
Those things at all.

What about every given thought
In a day,
Or the one before,
Or the one before that,
Or the one before that one,

And then
Trying to see what her words
Said about her,
How much of it was real
How much of it was made
Up in the attics of my brain.

I didn’t mean to fall in love,
With another ghost

But I did


Parses in Particles

Samples of parses in particles
Leave me wanting, craving, desiring
To devour your soul
In the encryptions these symbols hold.
Simply insufficent,
Atomically proportionate,
To your edificial existence.
Write for me your inner being
In a waste land of letters;
Delicately tracing
The gyri and sulci
Of your nauseatingly