You Only Care About Being Right

“You only care about being right.”
Only care about being right?
That’s not entirely true.
But yeah, it matters to me
Where the truth lies.
If you can come up with a good argument
That can go against mine
I will listen
I will even take it into consideration
Even if at first I don’t want to.
But to say it like I’m the only one who fucking cares
Is fucking annoying.
Don’t say that to me
As if you are somehow exempt from it.
Why are you arguing with me in the first place
If you don’t care about being right?
Why do you voice your opinion
And say I’m wrong
If you don’t care about being right.

How many more times
Do I need to say this to you.

Confucius said three times,
Then it’s, “fuck it.”

Not exactly that way tho.

But three times
Doesn’t seem to be enough.