Writing A Progressive Poem

Dualisms en garde chivalrously wield by albino turtle cyclopes,
Ostensibly polymathic, act how the disinterested would on a tree,
Biting budding leaf salves: in between seasons/weathers, free
Forms utilizing depressive solutions to mitigate deduced
Dimorphic daemons cursing lessons without fortuity,
Oneirisms ultimately in mysticisms exceptioned through
Forestings, cuddling by flowing rivers slow, alluding once
Primarily holding goddesses, deitians that spurred signals
Towards manic colors in productivities, utopian dreams to
Quintessentially ensure nuclear futures, possibly cowering
Ethered solidities of botanies in decanters, realms tethered
To subjective constellations, in reasons for boredom, a flame.

Fear of the Water (Piano Solo) – SYML

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