Misdirected Incantations

Brittle flakes of
Complexes of
Crumble at

Self worth is calculated
By the value of a soul
Compared to an other:
The mental rubric of
The individual
Determines “value”.

The value of the self
Is diminished
In comparison.

Berating the self
In bars of past notes
Of self worth,
Self love,
Self hate.
Cyclic fashions
Of coalescent realities
Dressed up
Of singularity.


2 thoughts on “Misdirected Incantations

    • Thank you. There seem to be instances when it’s better to fight those thoughts by finding what I can do to change those thoughts. Other times I try to tell myself not to compare myself to others as much I can have a tendency to do and instead focus on what I can do and find satisfaction in progress, instead of allowing myself to get stuck in a spiral of negative emotions. It still happens, but I think the rewards that come with noticing growth and/or change in myself pushes me forward. I hope that you find ways to pull yourself out of those moments. if they are anything like mine, and hope you continue writing too.


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