Where Truth Lies

After the light of euphoria fades
I am granted brief release
From tunnels of cyclonic despair,
Her sweet aria sounds rebound,
Her coded ethereal aura coax,
Or as a hoax it prevails.
Delighted to be given
Vision into her cosmic folds
Once again
Hope gyrates and engulfs,
Doubt roars its gongs
In streams that roll down plains.
Still, she stays seeded as conjecture.
Even with the slightest indications
Of god given blessings.
Still lost in this rabbit hole,
Unable to ascertain whether
This be dream
Or nonfiction.
As avoidance of pain pushes me away
From wanting to believe in
Happy ever after’s.

Unable to sense
Where truth lies,
I relinquish all acquittances
To father time.


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