Such A Love Story

I blockade the borders
Where our time
Neither rescinds
Or progresses.
For if I turn back,
I’ll become lost
In the foreign lands
Of the Sahara;
Where waters run
Dry, sucking
Up the moisture
From my eyes.

It’s better to cast away
Occurrences as ubiquity
Than to deal with such
Unbearing pains
Of what never was
Or abnormality.
It’s better to accept
This tolerable fate;
That I just lost
Base with reality
Than to entertain
Each impossibility,
Have only ever existed
In entertainment
In my atomically proportioned life,
Because such a love story
Couldn’t possibly happen,
Not to me,
I’m wrong
Doesn’t seem to do
Because waiting
For a miracle to happen
Crushes me daily.

I keep wishing
On tiny stars
That he’d speak to me

But my fairy god mother
Is dead.


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