Kaleidoscopic Roses


Blooming in a field of roses
A single kaleidoscopic
Multi faceted
Rose blossoms.

Unique or rare
Whatever your preference.
One of a kind,
Let’s call it.

You trap and encase it
In glassed dome casing
Preventing it from feeling
The passing of time.
Its beauty is extended
Thanks to some magic
Flagrantly positioned
Its poised on display.
Steadily it flourishes
Silken prismatic petals
Effloresce in brilliance,
Sporadically unfolding,
Revealing its insides.

Is that an insect?!
Is that a spider mite?
Is that an aphid?
Is that another one?

You find more
Parasitic creatures.
You get jaded,
Apathetic, complacent,
Or used to it,
Then by chance,
Or maybe
Something compels
Pass by another field.

This one
Has a different hue.


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