Isn’t it Funny

Nothing seems to be able to fill
This void you’ve created
After the curtains fell

I seek traces
Of composite particles
In alternative spaces
But all seem elementary
In comparison
To your atomic density
The rest condemned
To subatomic perception.
Your intense propensity
For art
For love
Such nucleonic passion.

I had always wondered
What passion looked like,
Then I understood it,
When I read it,
When you openly expressed it.

I reminisce you soaring,
In disintegrating films,
Through mercurial celestial spheres
Through expansive changing vistas
Through a gigantic slideshow reel.
You showed me what would have been
Had magic existed in this world.

I’m sad
And sorry to say
I am aware
I could just be biased.
In some parallel universe
We’d both know
I don’t know much.

But it doesn’t change
Your performance


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