Just Accept it

Just accept it already.
I’m trying.

I place my bets
On the heavy downward slope
While knowing the hopelessness
Of hope.

Because I can’t imagine
A life where you don’t exist
Because I don’t want to.
So much so
That I think to myself,
I would rather be dead.

So I reach out,
Frantically grabbing at
Strands of silk
That hang over me
While somehow
I am suspended in air
As if gravity doesn’t exist in this realm.
As my hands thrust
And slice the air
They evade, dancing,
Almost laughing.
I grab one fine line
It can sustain my weight.
Instead, I keep envisioning
Imaginary threads snapping,
Watching myself fall
Into the ravenous cavern
That lies beneath this dread.

How did it hold me there
In the first place.

Why did the gods
Make it so that
Fickle foundations of worlds
Built on piles of delusions
Could sustain a life.


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